For Thoughts that count this Christmas

Published on 07 November 2017

This Christmas at Grand Central, we want to celebrate what makes our local community unique, so we asked you: “what your most memorable gifts have been over the years”.

Below is the story of Melissa’s most treasured gift, it made us smile.

Dad gave me this teddy when I was adopted at three years old. The teddy used to be his and he called him Desmond. For a little bear he’s sure been through a lot. When Dad was growing up he left Desmond in the rain, so he sat him in front of the fireplace to dry, but poor Desmond got singed and had to be stitched up.

When I was nine, Desmond moved over from England with us and even came away to uni with me. These days he sits in the spare room for my nephews to cuddle. He’s just as good to hold now as he was 50 years ago.”

­– Melissa, Wilsonton Heights


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