How Feng Shui Can Help Create A Happy Home

Feng shui might sound like an out-there way of living, but it’s actually not that hard to master the art of creating a harmonising space. This Chinese philosophy literally translates to ‘wind and water’ and was developed to enhance ‘chi’ (spiritual energy) within living and working spaces to improve productivity, relaxation and relationships. Try these tips to promote better at-home wellbeing. At the very least, the design strategies of this ancient art form will turn any home into a serene, clutter-free sanctuary.

use welcoming colours

For a cosy and calming atmosphere, use warm earth tones such as copper, coral, cream and terra cotta. To bring about tranquillity in a room, add pale blue, lavender or light green. Bright orange and red is said to be stimulating (try it in the kitchen), and if you want to add romance to the bedroom, pink and red accents are recommended.

optimal positioning

In the bedroom, it’s recommended that the bed be as far away from the door as possible and not under a window where too much energy entering in and out disrupts sleep. Ensure the entrance to the room is still within view however as this delivers a sense of safety while you rest. Avoid having your feet facing the door; the Chinese call this the ‘Death Position’! In the lounge room, the optimal place for a sofa is against the wall rather than floating within the room. Also, opt for an oval or round coffee table for a feeling of balance thanks to its corner-free curves. 

clear away clutter

Clutter clearance is essential in feng shui as it symbolises unfinished business and disables the free flow of ‘chi’. No one wants their thoughts and feelings to mirror the mess hiding under their bed or in the closet. Start by vacating the space under your bed and see how your sleep improves. Invest in storage solutions such as shoe organisers, basketry and accessory hangers to bring about a sense of control to your wardrobe. 

invest in plants and lights

To enhance the flow of energy throughout any room, and simply liven up a space, add plants. Feng shui believes placing them in corners of the room creates oxygen, purifies the air and wards of stagnant energy. Practitioners also believe that lighting activates energy while darkness is thought to represent neglect. Open the windows often and ensure each room is well lit with enough ceiling lighting, lamps and candles when it’s in use.

add reflection

Mirrors have the ability to recirculate energy, enhance natural light and create space. A mirror opposite any seating area will provide a sense of protection. Consider hanging one opposite your lounge or to reflect the dining room table, which is said to bring about good fortune.

Main image: Bed Bath N’ Table

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