Guide to Buying Jewellery

Published on 26 August 2016

Jewellery is the icing on any outfit. It can turn a simple outfit into a statement, add a special touch for a meaningful occasion, and it can even light up your whole face. While jewellery can be a very personal style choice, here are our top tips for buying your next piece of jewellery.

The easiest indicator for what jewellery to buy yourself (or someone else) is your personality. If you love to socialise and be the centre of attention, a bold statement piece is perfect for you. If your sense of style is very minimalistic, delicate necklaces will best complement you. Pearls are classic and elegant choices, while mixed metals are great for trendsetters. Let your style and personality lead the way.


Whether you choose to fill your jewellery wardrobe with gold or silver oftens comes down to personal preference, but some consideration into what skin tone you have should also play a part. Cool skin tones suit metals like white gold, platinum and silver. Warm skin tones light up against yellow and rose gold, copper and brass finishes. Always try on jewellery so you can see how the tone works against your skin.


The best pieces of jewellery are the ones that hold a special meaning. It might be the necklace you got from your parents for your 21st birthday, or the ring your husband gave you for your 10 year wedding anniversary, or even a vintage heirloom passed down through your family for generations. If you’re looking to gift someone jewellery with sentiment, you can’t go past a charm. Pandora’s vast selection has one to suit every personality, skin tone and unique individual. Find one that matches their favourite things or opt for one with an even deeper meaning, like a swan charm to symbolise grace and beauty (perfect for Mum on Mother’s Day), a charm with their birthstone, or a horseshoe to bring them luck.


Pandora is located on Level 1, or for more jewellery retailers check our directory