We all Need A Digital Detox Day

There’s no denying that technology has enriched and advanced our day-to-day lives, but it can also get in the way of you stopping to smell the roses (quite literally, as many people would rather snap a picture of it for social media than simply taking in its beauty with their own two eyes!).

But with an always-on lifestyle comes stress, a faceless form of communicating with others, and a more disconnected relationship with people in our lives due to the never-ending distraction of technology. We forget to be in the moment. 

That’s where a digital detox comes in. It’s a healthy commitment you can make once a month, or you can even try going tech-free one day every weekend.

What is a digital detox?
A digital detox involves switching off all smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers for a certain length of time. By taking a break from the digital world you force yourself to get outside or do the things you love, like reading a real book, and reconnecting with your family.

Why should you try it?
By taking on a digital detox challenge, it will help you realise how dependent on technology you’ve become and it can also make your restricted tech time more focused and productive. You may even feel less stressed and more relaxed at the end of each detox session. It’s amazing how draining and mind-cluttering the need to always be up to date with the latest news or constantly accessible can be. 

TIP: Your eyes could also use the rest – the average Australia spends 10 hours a day on smart devices, which can cause headaches, eye strain and your sight to deteriorate. For an eye check-up, make an appointment with one of our in-centre optometrists at Eyecare Plus Optometrists or Laubman & Pank Optometrists on Level 1, or OPSM, Specsavers or The Optical Superstore on Level 2.

Before you begin
Before you try a digital detox, sit down and write two lists. The first list should be a list of all the technology you use in a day or week. For your second list , jot down all the things you like to do, but aren’t currently doing. These two lists can be a big eye opener to how much tech you actually use in your life, and how that time could be better spent. This will motivate you to stick to your digital detox and accomplish other goals at the same time.

Make your digital detox days memorable
Don’t dred your tech-free days - look forward to them! Try this: Treat yourself to a massage or facial at Pure Indulgence to begin the unwinding process, then follow with breakfast at Jamaica Blue with the whole family. Then, spend the rest of the day exploring the great outdoors together. To top off your digital detox day, settle into a hot bath by candlelight (try the soothing notes of Dusk’s signature Calm Candle) in the evening. 

Take a digital-free holiday
If you need a little help or a big reward for sticking to your digital detox, book yourself a getaway to Lord Howe Island. They have no phone reception, but plenty of stunning scenery to keep you entertained all day long. This beautiful slice of Australian heaven is also only a two hour flight from Brisbane. Chat to your travel agent at Escape Travel on Level 2 for more details on this beautiful haven.