Dress Code

We’re just as excited as you are to see the ultimate springtime soiree, pop-up picnic Dîner en Blanc , come to Toowoomba for the first time this year. To help you get kitted out for this spring’s biggest event, we’ve created an all-white checklist to help keep the European spirit alive as you wine and dine under the stars this month.

DRESS CODES: while most have an element of uncertainty, this most certainly will not be the case at Toowoomba’s debut diner en Blanc to be held later this month on the 20th October. Rain, hail or shine, (yes even your umbrellas need to be white or transparent) this is the ‘posh pop up picnic’ to end all picnics with a dress code that simply says… WHITE.

Secrecy may very well surround the location of the event until its’ revealing on the day, but thankfully the style code is void of mystery. All guests must dress in head to toe white. The only hint of deviation is in the form of gold and silver jewellery and accessories being the only acceptable accent and gentlemen, don’t try and sneak in black or brown belts and shoes...they will not be welcome!

The concept originating in Paris, diner en Blanc is now held in over 30 countries around the world and by invitation only it is quite simply the event of the season and nothing less. Alongside your fabulous dreamy white ensemble, decorum, elegance and etiquette will be in order with your very best behaviour on display, and as your Mum would say, don’t leave your manners at home!

But back to the most important detail…. your outfit! An all white outfit sounds like it should be easy to pull together, but don’t be deceived and make the rookie mistake of leaving it all to the last minute as you will be surprised at the level of detail required, so read our style guide below; (think of it as your outfit ‘cheat sheet’) your guarantee to pulling it altogether without a hitch!

  1. When choosing your whites, hold them up to the natural light and select the brightest whites you can find in store if shopping for something new. You may think that off white and cream ‘will do’ but up against a sea of pure white, you will stand out for all the wrong reasons!

  2. Ladies, it’s probably best to steer clear of stilettos… this is a picnic after all and we don’t want you sinking into the ground (not very glam). Instead opt for a wedge or a block heel…even better, treat yourself to a fabulous pair of flats. Everyone will have major ‘foot envy’ by the end of the evening.

  3. Jeans are acceptable attire, but make sure you lift the mood with a statement top and accessories.

  4. Tee shirts are a no go. This is way too a posh affair!

  5. Accessories will always add a pop of personality to your outfit, but remember, you only have three options when it comes to your colour choices of white, gold and silver but don’t be afraid to have a little fun; Angel wings and feather boa’s have been sighted at tables around the world along with Marie Antoinette inspired wigs! Something a little more subdued? A flower crown, headpiece or classic hat may be the perfect option for you.

  6. Gentlemen opt for a white sneaker, loafer or brogue; as mentioned above, tee shirts are not acceptable attire so choose a shirt in natural fibres such as linen or cotton. White chinos, linen pants, jeans or a dress short will all work a treat and if you really want to impress with your style prowess, consider accessorising with options including white bow ties, white (or silver) flower lapel pin, hats and neckties. Accessorising isn’t just for the ladies.

Need some inspiration? Head to the digital runway for our favourite looks chosen from Grand Central’s fashion retailers.