4 times when it's ok to wear a Graphic tee

Graphic tees are like souvenirs and collectables – they get accumulated over time and each one has its own memory or special meaning. Not to mention a printed tee is the simplest (and cheapest) way to add variety to your everyday wardrobe, giving you fuss-free creative freedom. It’s hard not to feel instantly comfortable in a t-shirt, and when it comes to graphic tees, it’s also a chance to say a little something about your personality without pushing your style out of your comfort zone.

Graphic t-shirts are one of the easiest pieces to add into your existing wardrobe (you can never have too many t-shirts, right?!), not to mention the most hassle-free to shop for. Right now, men’s clothing stores like Johnny Bigg have plenty of new season styles, including long-sleeve options for when winter really kicks in. You have the choice of subtle or bold, busy patterns and cityscape prints, and then there’s also plenty of options in Johnny Bigg’s range this season to change-up your neckline, too.

But with a wardrobe piece that is so casual, and with slogans that may not appeal to the masses, you need to pick and choose your moments to wear your trusty tee. Fear not, they’re more versatile than you may think - the secret lies in what you wear with it. These are the occasion where it’s ok to wear a graphic tee, plus our top tips for getting it right.

To a backyard barbecue

This one’s a given – t-shirts and a relaxed weekend vibe simply go hand in hand. If it’s really laidback and only your closest friends will be there, you can pretty much style your tee however you like; but if the guest list includes a few strangers and perhaps the chance to meet a special someone, throw on a pair of dark jeans and swap your thongs for some nice shoes. Still laidback, but you’ll look like you tried.

Try: Johnny Bigg Explored Print Tee with Trenery Regular Authentic Vintage Jeans and Sportscraft Dan Desert Boots.

To dinner with your mates

A night out with the boys is the perfect occasion for a tee, but before you get too relaxed with your get-up, you need to consider the venue and the crowd. Some places have their own dress code, and if you’re not sure where the night is going to take you, it’s better to be too dressed up than risk being banished by the security guard. When in doubt, choose a t-shirt that’s black or dark coloured and opt for pants over shorts.

Try: Johnny Bigg Avalon Print V Neck Tee with Oxford Stretch Skinny Fit Chinos and Surf Dive ‘N Ski Reef Ridge Mid Lux High Leather Shoes

On a date night

But… there are rules. First, we wouldn’t recommend a t-shirt on the first date – impressions count and she will appreciate it if you look like you have tried to impress her (read: went to the effort of ironing a collared shirt). But once you break through the first date barrier, a tee can actually help her get to know you better. Just make sure you include some more formal elements in your outfit, such as a nice pair of shoes, a smart belt, or any kind of pants that aren’t ripped, falling apart or too baggy - you are still on a date night after all.

Try: Johnny Bigg Valour Print Henry Tee with Country Road Slim Tapered Black Jeans and Betts Knock Chelsea Boots.

Casual Friday

Ok, not every office will let you get away with a t-shirt (be especially wary of what’s printed on yours and play to your audience accordingly!) but if you look smart, it’s hard for them to have an issue. Firstly, leave the super worn, lost-their-shape tees for wearing around the house, and when in doubt, opt for one of your more minimal graphic prints. Don’t forget to wear a nice pair of closed-in shoes, you never know when work drinks will turn into an all-nighter out on the town.

Try: Johnny Bigg Abstract Print Tee with Surf Dive ‘N Ski Volcom Solver Lite 5 Pocket Pants and Platypus Boxfresh Mens Creeland Sneakers

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