PappaRich Knows Best

Since making its Australian debut in 2012, Malaysian franchise PappaRich has spread like wildfire, with over 20 restaurants now dotted across mainland Australia.  

Offering a delicious range of traditional Malaysian street hawker-style fare, PappaRich is a must-visit for lovers of this vibrant south-east Asian cuisine. For those new to the game, Malaysian food borrows from Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine, with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, star anise, coriander and cumin resulting in beautifully fragrant dishes.

The menu includes a range of curries such as dahl, curry chicken, and coconut driven broths. There are several vegetarian takes on the classics, a dessert section, and over 50 beverages – including the popular Iced Barley, a refreshing juice sweetened with sugar syrup and lime.

With so much on offer, the menu might seem intimidating at first, but stick to our cheat sheet and you’ll be a PappaRich regular in no time.

Play the Hits

Ordering something you recognise is a great place to start: prawn dumplings, chicken dim sum and vegetarian bean curd rolls will be a familiar sight for yum cha fans. Further down the menu you’ll find classics like satay chicken and beef skewers, served with a house-made Malay-style peanut sauce.

Most Aussies have enjoyed a laksa at some point and PappaRich has the infamous Malay coconut broth down to a science. Chicken, mixed seafood and vegetable (although not vegetarian) options are assembled to order, chock-full with thick hokkien noodles, foo chok (bean curd skin), bean sprouts, eggplant and tofu served in a rich coconut curry broth.

Soup up your Meal

Laksa might be the most well-known Malaysian-style soup, but there are plenty more options for those who like to slurp down their meals.

Ipoh koay teow soup is a powerful chicken and prawn head broth with rice noodles and a side of steamed chicken breast in a light soy dressing. Several variations of fish head noodle soup (with vermicelli noodles, fried fish head, tomato, silken tofu, choy sum and preserved mustard), can be ordered in either the traditional double-boiled milky broth or a curry soup base. Meanwhile, pappa prawn mee is a culinary collage, with fresh prawns, hard-boiled egg, chicken slices, bean sprouts, water spinach and ropey hokkien noodles in a delicious prawn broth.


Then again, you might want to…

Stay Dry

If you prefer your liquids separate to your meal, most of the noodle soup dishes are offered “dry”, so you can still enjoy the flavour of prawn mee in a bowl of pappa fried mee.

Dry curry egg noodles with steamed chicken is self-explanatory, but for some serious crunch look no further than the crispy egg noodles – wok-fried with prawns, fish cake, chicken slices and choy sum and finished with a delicious egg gravy.

Nasi lemak, Malaysia’s national dish, is crafted here with passion and pride. The PappaRich version is a flavour powerhouse: with coconut rice nestling amongst curry chicken and sambal prawns, fried anchovies, fried peanuts, hard-boiled egg and sliced cucumber. This is a dish you have to try at least once.

Deliciously flaky roti breads are served here with sambal, dhal and curry chicken – with a Malaysian twist. While Hainan bread is toasted and served with peanut butter or kaya (coconut jam) rendering it versatile enough to be enjoyed with sweet or savoury dishes. 

Drink Up

Malaysian favourites, iced lemon tea and iced barley are both refreshing accompaniments to a meal, while fragrant  bandung combines rose syrup and soya milk whipped with ice. Teh tarik (hot milk tea) or kopi (Malaysian-style hot coffee), are good choices if you’re due back at work, while the “Milo Dinosaur”, typically sold at Mamak stalls in Malaysia, is almost identical to what nan serves when the kids visit.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a range of blended ice drinks  topped with fresh fruit and/or ice cream, with thePappa mocha and icecream and the lychee soda options proving firm PappaRich favourites. 

Dessert Yourself

PappaRich offers a large selection of desserts, but air batu campur (ABC)is the most quintessentially Malaysian. The spectacular cone of shaved ice with grass jelly, corn, red bean, skinless peanuts, sultanas is drizzled with gula melaka (palm sugar), red sugar syrup and mixed milk – a sure-fire hit for the foodie Instagrammers.


Find out why PappaRich is taking Australia and the rest of the world by storm by booking a table at their new store in the restaurant precinct located on Ground Level.