Our Guide to Stress Free Contacting

If there is ever a task that will polarise parents it has to be the annual book contacting session before the kids return to school. Love it or hate it, our friends from this year’s Back to School Community Contact Booth have provided some top tips to ensure your kids’ books are beautifully covered in 2018.

Step 1: Seek a Professional

For those who are on the ‘hate’ side of the contacting camp, it is always best to seek out a professional. Believe it or not, there are people who are happy and willing to contact your kids’ books for a small fee per book. Keep an eye out on your School community page/ Facebook page for these back to school heroes!

Or thanks to our friends at Hope for our Children, you can visit our Contact Booth in Centre between 10am & 4pm daily until Sunday 21 January and have your books contacted for as little as a gold coin donation per book. Not only do you have the choice of 6 exclusive contact options but you will be helping raise some much-needed funds for a very worthy cause!

Notwithstanding, if you either can’t make it to our community Contact Booth or are determined to give it a go for yourself, keep reading…

Step 2: Cut to Size

So you have decided to contact your books yourself, good on you! That in itself is worth of a pat on the back. The first step you need to do is cut each piece of contact to size.

Simply open your book to the middle and splay on the piece of contact face down (ensuring the protective film is still intact so there is no unwanted adhesion).

Then, cut the contact approximately 2cm larger around all edges of your open book.

Splay your exercise book out onto the contact (protective film in tact) and cut a border 2cm from the edge of your book

Step 3: Slow and Steady

Now it’s time for the tricky bit.

With the ‘sticky’ side up peel back the protective film by approximately 3cm and fold the backing paper flat.

With one hand, slide between the book and the contact and grab the folded edge.

With the other hand, use the edge of a ruler in a back and forward motion, following along the book while slowly peeling back the protective film. Remember this is not a race! Slow and steady is the way for a perfect bubble free finish.

STOP when you reach the spine of the book.

Use the edge of a ruler to to smooth out, slow and steady.

Step 4: Time to Cut Corners

That’s literally not figuratively, sorry guys.

Using scissors, cut a square from each of the corners of your exercise book getting as close to the book as possible.

Then cut a straight line at the top and bottom of the spine.

Now the 2cm excess contact can be folded into the inside cover. Carefully fold the contact overhangs to the inside of your cover, pulling tightly and pressing down to secure in place.

NB. If you are a perfectionist feel free to grab out your ruler again, using back and forward motions to slowly secure the contact to the inside of your book for a smooth bubble free finish.

Using scissors, cut a square from each of the corners of your exercise book

Step 5: Flip and Repeat

You are on the home straight! Well done you! Simply flip your book and follow steps 3 & 4 to complete the look.

NB. This time you will not need to make a cut at the top and the bottom of the spine before folding.

Appendix: Other Important Tips and Tricks

Make sure your book is placed down square on the contact.

Using a ruler, move slowly getting rid of any bubbles or creases as they appear. The ruler will help keep even pressure without stretching the contact.

If you have an air bubble that is hard to get rid of, you can use a pin to make a small hole and push the air out, reducing it or getting rid of it altogether.

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Watch the experts contacting school books