Vapiano in Toowoomba

It’s Italian food like you’ve never had it before: Vapiano, the restaurant that has revolutionised Italian dining, is now open at Grand Central.

Vapiano is leading a revolution in accessible Italian dining, one city at a time. After proving a hit in Brisbane, Garden City, the Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney, Vapiano has landed in Toowoomba as a trendsetter in Italian-Australian cuisine.

As far as the menu goes, it’s those trusty flavours you’ve come to expect from modern Italian food –feel-good pizzas, pastas, salads and a diverse selection of wine and beverages. Vapiano’s chefs source the majority of their ingredients from within 150 kilometres of each restaurant, and the recipes are drawn from generations of Italian expertise.
But arguably, what makes Vapiano most special is the restaurant experience itself. 

Upon arrival, you’re handed a smart chip card, onto which you charge all your food and drink as you order it. From there, you can visit the fresh pasta, pizza and salad stations and watch your meal being cooked in front of you. 

It doesn’t get much fresher than that. So while the time-honoured traditions of Italian cooking are what make it so popular, this modern interpretation crafts dining for the 21st century without sacrificing the quality of ingredients and hearty sauces that any Italian chef holds close to their heart.

Taste the new flavours of Italian-Australian cuisine with Vapiano at Grand Central.