Best Eye Makeup Shades For Your Eye Colour

Want to make your eyes sparkle with minimal effort? All it takes is eyeshadow.

However, not any eyeshadow hue will do; you need one that’s tailored to your specific eye colour to make them genuinely pop. Choosing eye makeup in complementary shades opposite your iris hue on the colour wheel will create a striking contrast that highlights your eyes and instantly brightens the eye area. Similarly, shades similar to your natural eye colour can enhance your eyes by creating a truly eye-catching finish.

For bright, beautiful eyes in an instant, follow our guide to find the exact eyeshadow shades that flatter you most.


blue eyes

The iris of a blue eye is made up of lighter tones, which means it pops when paired with neutral, more subtle eyeshadow hues. Softer complementary shades like peach, coral and champagne will catch flecks of gold in the iris, highlighting the blue colour. Warmer shades with orange undertones also work, including terracotta, gold, taupe and even chocolate. Just be sure to steer clear of dark colours like black, charcoal or deep purple - they’re too harsh against a blue eye. Instead, pick monochromatic hues like navy, grey and silver when creating a smoky eye.


Green eyes

If you’re born with green eyes, you’re lucky - this eye colour is versatile and looks striking with a number of different eyeshadow hues. Opting for a single-wash shade of dark green in a shimmer or metallic finish will make your eyes pop, while an eyeshadow in a vivid purple is truly striking. Choose complementary shades in plum, amethyst and mauve, or even those with red undertones like a mahogany or burgundy, which will illuminate the eye area. For a subtler daytime colour, bronze is best for green eyes.


Hazel eyes

Metallic, shimmery shades with yellow undertones bring out the light flecks in the iris of hazel eyes, making olive greens and rich golds an excellent match. Thanks to its perfect blend of brown and green, a hazel iris also works well with complementary colours of pink and purple - just be sure to pick lighter, pastel variants. Avoid dark, smoky shades as they will only dull the multi-tonal flecks in the iris of hazel eyes and prevent them from sparkling.


brown eyes

Like green eyes, brown eyes are extremely versatile. Brown is a neutral colour, meaning it will work well against almost all shades on the colour wheel - not just those opposite it. Purple, however, will make it pop the most. When worn in an array of different textures (think matte, shimmery or metallic), vibrant violets and eggplants will create the perfect contrast and make the iris appear radiant. Cooler contrast colours like charcoal, silver and grey will also accentuate brown eyes. For those who prefer a subtler daytime finish, reach for bronze, browns and golds, and then define the crease of the eyelid with a matte black eyeshadow come night-time.


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