Sustainable Fashion

During June, we’re hosting a Community Clothing Drive, encouraging Grand Central visitors to trade their old clothes for a booklet of discount vouchers from a range of fashion, beauty and lifestyle retailers. The benefits are three-fold: not only do you get a discount on your new winter wardrobe, you’ll help protect the environment and support those in need while you’re at it.

We can’t take all the credit though; H&M has been a driving force in recycled fashion since 2013. Having discovered that as much as 95 percent of clothing that is thrown away could have been re-worn or recycled, H&M launched a worldwide garment collecting initiative which has collected over 55,000 tonnes of textile to date.

At any time, you can drop any item of clothing or fabric at an H&M store and it will be given a new purpose. H&M’s partner, I:CO (I:Collect) is a worldwide textile recycling company that collects and sorts the materials into three categories: 

Re-wear – second hand items that can be worn again;
Reuse – where materials are turned into other products;
Recycle – where materials are turned into textile fibres.

In addition to decreasing the impact on the environment, for each kilogram of textiles that H&M collects, 0.02 Euros is donated to a local charity organisation. As the icing on the cake, for each bag that you hand in, you’ll get a voucher to receive 15 percent off one item at H&M.

The company is already making a difference. Fifty-nine percent of the cotton it uses is sustainably sourced and emissions were reduced by 21 percent in 2017. Even the dust collected from factories that manufacture the clothing is turned into raw material for making cardboard. H&M refers to its recycling project as “closing the loop for fashion” and ultimately becoming “100% circular”.

If you want to be part of the circle (and update your winter wardrobe), bring your old clothes to Grand Central during June and we’ll swap them for a discount voucher booklet and, for the first 500, you will also receive a $15 Grand Central Gift Card. H&M (MM04, Level 1) will continue its garment collection initiative, so next time you want to throw out some old clothes, give them a new life at H&M instead.