Step-by-step hairstyling with Oscar Oscar

The social season has arrived and our calendars are full, so let the team at Oscar Oscar Toowoomba give you some helpful tips on how to style your hair this festive season.

It is all about easy going care free looks, soft beach waves by day and pulled back effortless beauty by night. These step-by-step tutorials showcase the 'go-to hairstyles' for the social season, starting with a beach wave for a more casual day-look and then how to transform it into a low textured bun for a party-night look. Think textured tresses, centre parts, low wispy buns and loose unfussed face framing. 

A hot tip to remember this season is less-is-more, these looks require styling but should look like you didn't even try.

Beach wave

Learn expert tips on how to achieve the go-to hairstyle for the summer season - the Beach Wave.

 Beach wave step-by-step guide:

1. Divide the hair into 3 sections, one section on each side of the head from the ears forward and one section at the back

2.Using a tong work your way from the bottom to the top alternate between curling some sections and rocking the hair back and forth to create an indent in the alternate section.

3. Allow the hair to cool then tilt your head back and shake, rake your fingers through the lengths of the hair.

4. Add a beach or texture spray of choice through the ends until the hair is slightly damp but not wet.

5. Then tossle, shake and scrunch for that summer days vibe.

It's that easy! Give it a go and have fun trying new techniques and products.


Learn expert tips on how to achieve the go-to hairstyle for the party season, taking your Beach Wave to a fancy Upstyle.

Upstyle step-by-step guide:

1. Take your waves from beach babe to boho sheek with this summer nights up style once again take hair into the same 3 sections two at the front and one at the back.

2. Using a hair elastic, make a low center ponytail in the back

3. Take one of your front sections, twist it to create a rope pulling pieces out to create texture, cross over the top of the ponytail and pin in place. Repeat on the other side leaving some fine pieces around the face to create an undone feel.

4. Now that your front two sections are complete you are half way there! Now split your pony into three pieces, loosely twist each piece creating texture then pin in place.

5. Now to create some softness and texture gently pull on any soft pieces you can leave out to add to this undone look. Spray with sea salt spray and your ready!

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