Beat manicure boredom by diving into this season’s most popular nail looks. Check out our expert’s quick overview of the different nail finishes, and be sure to check out the special offer below from our great nail salons. The first hot tip is if you’re unsure of which shades work best look for mauve, magenta, teal, apricot and sunshine yellow – all of which scream spring.

Here’s a super quick run down on the latest nail finishes and where to get them:



DIY skills not up to par? Visit your nail salon for a pristine application complete with hand massage. Don’t be in a hurry once you get under that nail dryer!

Try: Rainbow Nails basic polish manicure, $20.



This natural-looking manicure is as timeless as it is fabulous. Try something different with black or coloured tips, or use the classic as a base for nail art.

Try: Glamour Nails French manicure, $25.



This is a hybrid of gel and nail polish that’s cured and hardened with UV light. It’s super shiny, lasts for weeks and, unlike pure gel, can be removed at home.

Try: Floral Nails Shellac manicure, $40.



A million dollar look that has beauty gurus all of a flutter. Achieve it with chrome nail polish, metallic nail wraps or glittery, pigmented silver powder.

Try: Nail Society Shellac mirror manicure, $70.



Between base coat and sealant, nails are dipped into a little jar of coloured powder. It’s super glossy, super durable and there’s no UV light.

Try: ProfessioNail dip powder SNS manicure, $60.


With Spring comes warmer weather and all the wonderful events in the Toowoomba Region, starting with one of our favourites, the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers and Food & Wine Festival. Let's not forget events like Spring Polo, the all white themed Le Diner En Blanc (the first for Toowoomba!) and the racing staple Melbourne Cup are also high on the list to attend during the first few months of spring.

To get yourself looking fabulous from head to toe (to fingernails!) many of the Grand Central nail salons have a special deal for those attending any of these events. Simply show this offer to the participating stores.