Wheely: Fast & Hilarious

G, 90 mins, Comedy, Action

Wheely, an underdog cabbie and a racer at heart, attempts to become king of the road in his hometown, Gasket City. During a delivery gone awry, Wheely bumps into the famous Italian model, Bella di Monetti and falls “bonnet-over-wheels” in love with this beautiful uptown girl, yet down-to-earth luxury car. Constantly being on the wrong side of the law and looked down by the elitist luxury cars, Wheely and his best friend Putt Putt dig themselves into a deeper hole when they have to confront an underground car-napping syndicate led by the monster 18-wheeler truck, Kaiser.

Director: Yusry Abd Halim
Main Cast: Ogie Banks,Gavin Yap,Frances Lee,Brock Powell
Consumer Advice: Some scenes may frighten very young children.

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