Fictional Factory

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Watch imaginations run wild as children enter this magical world of creative make-believe with a very real social conscience. Focussing on marine life, children will help create and run a fictional factory, called the Re-Porpoising Plant, a play on words that brings to life recycling and repurposing waste products to help our porpoises and other marine friends.
Step 1: The Clock-In Desk
Arrive at the clock-in desk on level 0 near Kmart and be greeted by the friendly Fictional Factory worker. Collect your map which will include your ID card and Time card and receive your first stamp as you ‘clock-on’ for duty.  
Collect all four stamps for your chance to win a $100 Grand Central Gift Card and Soft Stories prize pack – details below.


Step 2: Blueprints & Prototypes
Head to level 1 outside H&M, to the Blueprints & Prototypes workshops. Morning and afternoon workshops will be available daily, where budding engineers can design their own fictional factories, make safety goggles, build paper mechanic steam stacks or make their own split-pin porpoise.

1-7 April
10am – 12pm: Design Your Own Factory
12pm – 2pm: The Split Pin Steamstack

8–13 April
10am – 12pm: The Split Pin Porpoise Activity
12pm – 2pm: Make Your Own Safety Goggles

Step 3: The Re-Porpoising Plant – the Fictional Factory

Help provide a better future for porpoises and other marine life by learning about recycling and re-purposing waste.
Level 1 Centre Court will be abuzz with the humming and clacking of a fictional factory, the Re-Porpoising Plant. Children can work in different fun work zones that all help operate the factory, including:
- collecting rubbish and dropping into the collection chute for recycling,
- sorting the recycling collection with floppy hands,
- working the many levers and pulleys to operate the conveyor belts and ‘Fictional’ machinery.
Hear the whistle blow and be rewarded for your help by receiving a sticker proudly produced by the magical Re-Porpoising Plant.

Step 4: Selfie with a Porpoise
Head to level 2 outside Myer, and see the efforts of your recycling contribution and the sealife you have saved working at the factory. Stop for a selfie with the giant porpoise, or transform into an octopus living in the sea.

Competition – Snap & Win: After your Selfie with a Porpoise, upload your photo to Instagram or Facebook and tag ‘Grand Central’ and #gcselfiewithaporpoise for your chance to win a $100 Grand Central Gift Card! 

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Step 5: Collect all the stamps for your chance to win! 

Now that you've worked in and discovered all the factory fun, your Fictional Factory ID card will have all four stamps. Fill out all your contact details and present it to the Customer Service desk on level 2 to go into the draw. Prize includes a $100 Grand Central Gift Gard and Soft Stories prize pack.
Terms & Conditions apply


This fun and interactive experience will promote sea life protection and the importance of recycling. Made from the imaginations of children and recycled materials the activation will teach, inspire and entertain these school holidays.