June Clothing Drive


Brought to you by H&M

If you're not wearing it, we'll take it!

Wondering what to do with your worn, torn or hopelessly out of style clothes? H&M have you covered. Bring a bag of unwanted pieces into H&M's  garment collecting box on either Level 1 and 2 for huge rewards.

While H&M run the program all year round, if you drop off during June and you will not only receive a 15% off voucher from H&M but you will also receive a booklet of discount vouchers from various retailers within the Centre.  

All materials are welcome – all brands and in any condition. The best part is, that not only can you donate pre-loved clothes but you can donate any home textiles that you don't want. Think old tea towels, shirts with holes, scrap material, old bed sheets. You name it, we'll take it.  

For terms and conditions apply,  click here for more details. Please note, we have exhausted our allocation of gift cards with the first 500 recyclers.  

What happens to my pre-loved clothes and home textiles?

H&M will send your cast-offs to the nearest sorting plant. Most will end up on the second-hand market through UNICEF, but if they can’t be worn again, they will be repurposed into new fibres and, ultimately, become new clothes. To find out more on the program visit our blog page here.