Sensory Garden

Grand Central are pleased to present a specially designed and built Sensory Garden for you and your children to enjoy.

The bespoke play area was designed with children in mind, focussing on their sense of discovery, their need to touch and learn, and their appreciation of colour and movement.

Located in Centre Court, the space is open to all children, noting that they should not be left unattended at anytime.

  • Workshop space (which will be host FREE workshops during the School Holidays 16 Sept – 1 Oct)
  • Play tunnel
  • Fidget spinner poles
  • Succulent gardens
  • Sensory walls filled with movement and sound
  • Bean bag seating
  • Origami bird feature
  • Textured floor coverings
  • Hopscotch
  • Sensory spinning drums at the entrance


See the Free Events listed below for more details on the School Holiday Workshops:

1. Make your own kites and butterfly wings 16 to 24 September.

2. Plant your own take-home herb basked 25 Sept to 1 October.


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